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"There's no other form of marketing that will ever compare to the results my company received after working with you. WRITE FOR YOU helped us gain public awareness and gave us a great deal of credibility....which is always crucial for a young business. After just one Press Release from WRITE FOR YOU I found myself in 5+ newspapers, two business journals, and a stream of business like I've never seen before. We are forever grateful. Thanks Susan, you're the greatest!"
Parth Thaker, COO/Co-owner, Topside Detailing, LLC

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Publicity, Copywriting, Marketing, Press, 1st Hand Media Contacts and more!
Copywriting & Publicity

offers myriad ways to get you in front of current, and potential clients with:

- Professional, proven, market-savvy copy for: Press Releases, Newsletters, Articles, White Papers, Blogs, Websites, Brochures, Mailings and more

- First hand media contacts throughout Fairfield, New Haven, Hartford and Westchester Counties

- Diverse publicity avenues, including traditional press, radio, TV and industry publications
Online press releases, newsletters, articles, blogs, videos, workshop presentations